Price Restricted Resident Restricted Housing


Sea Otter 1 Bedroom Unit For Sale (COMPLETE)

Unit #21-625 Hellesen Dr was sold by the District of Tofino in September, 2018.  The Purchase Lottery was held on August 17th via random draw of all Purchase Lottery applicants. The randomly selected applicant was able to complete the purchase and is now the proud owner of a new home.  

We hope this will be the first of many such units that will allow those living and working in Tofino to afford a home here. 

When we are ready to sell another home we will make an announcement about another Purchase Lottery. In the meantime you can learn more about the Price Restricted Resident Restricted homeownership program below. Key documents:

All sale proceeds will to go to funding affordable housing programs in the District.   

Resident Restricted

Unit #21 was obtained by the District of Tofino through the rezoning of the site, which allowed for the development of townhouses. A Housing Agreement  covenant is on the title of the property that specifies the unit can only be owned by Residents. Council has voted to make some minor amendments to the Housing Agreement (to be complete by August 14th). The updated Housing Agreement specifies that this unit can only be sold to individuals: 

  • Who are Canadian or Permanent Residents.
  • Who have lived in the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District for at least 2 of the last 3 years. 
  • Who work full time in Tofino (includes Parks Canada or BC Parks). This means working at least an average of 26 hours per week for a year (e.g. full time hours with allowance for some holiday) OR being self-employed with 90% of your income coming from a Tofino-based business. Your employer or business must hold a valid Tofino business license unless exempted (e.g. a government institution). 
  • Whose household makes no more than $80,000 per year.
  • That don't own any real estate and neither does their spouse or common law partner. 

Price Restricted

The Housing Agreement also restricts the price the home can be resold for, so this unit is not just affordable to the first buyer, but every subsequent buyer as well. The Maximum Resale Price of the home can only rise at the same rate as the Core Consumer Price Index of Canada (CPI). CPI is measure of inflation and varies from year to year. CPI has, on average, risen about 1.5% per year.  

Sold via Purchase Lottery

As specified by the Housing Agreement, the District has established Resale Policy that requires the home to be sold by a Purchase Lottery (this sale AND future sales). This gives all eligible residents an equal chance to purchase the unit. In the future a Price Restricted Resident Restricted housing waitlist may be established. For more details on the Purchase Lottery please see the Purchase Lottery Policy. The Lottery and purchase process includes:

  • Applications accepted at Municipal Hall from July 18th to August 16th. There is a $100 refundable Application Fee. Anyone not given an opportunity to make an Offer will have their Application Fee refunded.
  • Lottery draw held August 17th.
  • Once informed by email, the Lottery winner has 3 business days to make an Offer.
  • Mieke Dusseldorp is the THC Resale Representative and will help completing the paperwork, independent real estate or legal advice would be at the Lottery winner's cost.
  • If Lottery winner doesn't produce an Offer or cannot get an accepted Offer, the next person drawn in the Lottery gets 3 business days to produce an Offer, and so on. 
  • 5% of Purchase Price Deposit is due within 3 days of an Accepted Offer.
  • Sale conditions must be satisfied within 15 days. 
  • Purchase Fee ($2100 for the Sea Otter Unit) must be deposited with THC prior to the release of the Right of First Refusal / Option to Purchase held by the District.
  • NOTE: There are certain conditions that are required to be included and certain conditions that cannot be included in the Contract of Purchase and Sale. See the Buyer's Guide.
  • Completion date and Possession date as agreed to by the District. The District is requesting a Completion date by the end of September. 

Restrictions on Rental

Since the home is designed to be an affordable place to live for a Tofitian household, there are restrictions on an owner being able to rent and vacation rental is absolutely forbidden. The home may be rented for no more than 1 period of time every 5 years, for up to 12 months. For example, you would not be able to rent this unit for 2 units every year. The allowed rent is also set at $996 per month, but is allowed to rise with CPI over time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Strata Details - Strata Fees, Pets and more.

Unit 21 is Strata Lot unit and part of Strata Plan EPS3608. As is common the Strata Bylaws have been established by the developer. However, the individual owners of each strata lot become voting members of the Strata Corporation and have the responsibility to govern and manage the Strata going forward. Certain aspects of Strata are changeable only by unanimous consent, certain aspects by 3/4 vote and certain aspects by majority vote. For example, the Strata Bylaws for this strata allow pets, but within certain limits, see the Strata Bylaws for details. See the Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association FAQs for more details on Stratas and their management or the many resource links posted by the BC Government. Based on the unit entitlement for this unit, the strata fees are currently set at $102 per month, but get reviewed annually by the Strata Corporation.

I don't work in Tofino, am I eligible?

No, this is housing provided to support the people living and working in Tofino. The only exception is if you work for Parks Canada or BC Parks, which are not located in a Municipality. The THC Board is recommending to Council they allow this exception (to be confirmed prior to the Lottery).

I don't live in Tofino, am I eligible?

Yes. Provided you have lived in the region (Alberni Clayoquot Regional District) at least 2 of the last 3 years you are eligible because we recognize the challenge of finding housing in Tofino and realise you may have chosen to live elsewhere simply out of necessity.

Do I have to attend one of the Open Houses?

No. It is up to you. We have two Open Houses scheduled - July 27th - 3:30-5:30 pm and August 11th - 10:00 am - 11:00 am.

Where and how do I make an application?

You make your application using the forms found in the Purchase Lottery Policy section of the Buyer's Guide (LAST UPDATE JULY 18th) at the District of Tofino Municipal Hall. Make sure you review the checklist and bring copies of all documents required. For employment and residency requirements, bring enough documents that reasonably demonstrate that you did indeed live in the region the last 2 of 3 years and you have full time employment or are self-employed (90% of income from this source). Letters from employers are sufficient since we also need to see your T1 and Notice of Assessment. Letters from landlords need to be backed up by some other evidence that that is where you lived during that period of time (e.g. cell phone bills, CRA correspondence, etc.)

Do I apply jointly with my spouse or partner?

If you intend to purchase the unit together (e.g. both own) then YES. If you would like to purchase the unit individually, then NO. You cannot submit both a Joint application AND an Individual application.  For a joint application at least one of the two people applying must meet the Residency and Employment criteria. Maximum Income ($80,000 gross) is always by household.

Do I need a business license if I am self-employed?

If you are self employed you must have a Business License from the District of Tofino. Visit Municipal Hall to make a Business License application.

Can I have a co-signer?

Discuss this with your financial institution, but they need to be aware that the only individuals that can be on title are individuals that meet the Residency and Employment criteria or an individual's spouse or common-law partner. 

Question not answered here?

Please read the Buyer's Guide, Resale Policy and Purchase Lottery Policy. If  your question still has not been answered, please email Ian Scott at